Teaching the 11 times tables.

To teach the 11’s tables is also pretty quick, at least from 1-9.  The 11 rule: 11 acts just like a mirror, so here is a clip from the app showing 11 acting like a mirror:  In the animation different numbers appear illustrating difference.

Teaching 9x11

Teaching 9×11

Now for a number greater than 9, like 11×12 use the second part of the 11 rule.  To get the answer of 11 multiplied by another number just add the digits together and place it in the middle.  So for 11×10, 11×11 and 11×12 if works like this:

Clip from Fun Times Tables!

Clip from Fun Times Tables!

Of course for 11×10 you can just use the 10 rule if your child has already learned it.

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