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We are a family of 12, blessed with 8 boys, 2 girls.  All our children are homeschooled, living in the great state of Texas.

We have no significant computer programming/app background but are fairly tech savvy and this project has been a fun project to do together.

It has been a great app for our family to use and make sure your children know the multiplication tables as well as we hoped.

We hope you enjoy Fun Times Tables!


Actual testimonial for your review.


“My 8 year old really enjoyed learning her times tables with this animated and dynamic app. As a math teacher and homeschool mom, I’ve spent lots of time using different methods with students to teach times tables and this app is one of the most comprehensive and useful tools I’ve used. The facts are taught first using a unique memory system, with fun sounds, animations and quick quizzes. Then the student goes through focused drills earning belts along the way. I’m always looking for great apps that do the teaching for me and allow my kids to be independent and this app does both! With minimal parental and teacher involvement, students can independently use this app. Parents and teachers can easily check on their student’s progress and see where any trouble areas are. Another important thing I like is that the app will track the progress of multiple users, so several children learning their times tables can create separate user names and have their own belts and progress reports. Funtimes Tables is an extremely helpful tool and program, it makes learning the multiplication facts fun and easy.”



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