Welcome!  Finally your child can learn the times tables quickly and accurately.  This website will give you several handy tools we have found helpful in teaching our own kids the multiplication tables.

Fun Times Tables ios App

Fun welcoming graphics for your child in the ios app

We hope you find our website (and app if you choose) as helpful for your family as it has been to ours.  This has been a complete family project.  EVERYONE has played a role!

We are a large homeschool family of 12, blessed with 10 children, 8 boys and 2 girls.  Current ages range from 17-3yo.  We have seen many different learning styles in our family with some rapidly grabbing math concepts and memorization drills and others having a harder time.

One thing we have always stressed to our children, is just because something is hard for them DOES NOT mean THEY are the problem.  We all have different strengths and some things come easier to others, but each child is an amazing gift with unique talents and abilities.  The challenge is for us to find the best way to present the information in the best way for them. For children who can memorize quickly, simply providing a set of tables and telling them to memorize may be enough.  If you are using the app, feel free to skip to the end of the app (using backdoor code shown at end of “Note to parents” section of app) and just use the focused drill section to master the times tables.  For children who are having more trouble memorizing the multiplication facts, go through the techniques outlined here, or start in the beginning of the app and learn the effective techniques that lock in the correct answers to the times tables and then move to focused drills to learn the multiplication tables quickly!

Please come back as we continue to update this site with more times table tips and add more of the lessons from the app.   In addition, check back to see what tips other parents share.   If you find something that you find works really well to teach the times tables to your family, please share it with the community!

We are not coders, we have many children with unique skills and ALL have worked on this app, and this is our first attempt at an app at this level. PLEASE give us helpful feedback (preferably kind!) and we would LOVE to hear your success stories/testimonials.

Here are some screen shots to see some of the unique useful tools for Funtimes Tables! app.


Clear, easy to use interface to practice times tables and multiplication tables

Clear, easy to use interface to practice times tables.

Quickly see at a glance which times tables your child needs the most help. 0-12 top left to bottom right.

Quickly see at a glance which times tables your child needs the most help. 0-12 top left to bottom right.

Know at a glance which times tables give your child the most trouble.

Even tell at a glance which individual questions of the times tables is giving your child the most trouble.From our family to yours….

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